PTFE Packing Material

Since the revolutionary material PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) was created, PTFE compression packing material has been one of the most popular products in packing, and Blaylock has always stayed ahead of the curve with our top-quality PTFE Packing inventory.

In sealing applications where extremely aggressive chemicals, solvents, acids, caustics, and oxidising media are involved, PTFE is often the best option, and Blaylock has the range of material to be your one-stop sealing source.

Compression Packing PTFE Materials

With over three decades of experience in mechanical packing, Blaylock knows exactly what type of PTFE material you will need to fit your project's specifications. We maintain a large, constant stock of the following PTFE packing materials:

Over our highly stable 30-plus years of business, the three generations at BG&P have worked equally with small businesses and large corporations on countless sealing projects.

Contact us today to learn more about what PTFE compression packing material is best for your project, and we will happily answer any and all questions you have in the process.


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