Custom Gasket Manufacturing

Founded in 1983, Blaylock Gasket & Packing has been producing top-quality custom gaskets for more than three decades. We are proud to work closely with original equipment manufacturers from industries across the spectrum – from large factories to innovative individuals and small businesses.

custom gasket manufacturerWhen generic gaskets don't meet the needs of your original equipment, and you need a specifically designed gasket as soon as possible, we can be your one-stop source for custom gasket manufacturing, no matter the scale of your project.

Custom Gasket Manufacturing & Materials 

Take advantage of BG&P’s well-trained staff and an extensive collection of in-house gasket manufacturing equipment – ready to craft custom gaskets for you in a timely manner. We can create a prototype gasket for your project and then go immediately into production upon approval. We pride ourselves on consistent execution of parts, meeting your specifications and time requirements. We also offer our customers an extensive inventory of high-quality custom gasket materials that includes DuPont Viton®, Sheet Rubber, and PTFE material to ensure that any project requirement can be met.

If you have an urgent requirement, our team can hand-cut your custom gasket while you wait, with no expediting fee. From the time we first opened our doors, we’re proud to say we’ve never charged an expediting or overtime fee. We know manufacturers’ schedules are never the same, so we pride ourselves on flexibility.

Quality Gasket Manufacturing Process

When requesting a custom gasket, it is important that precise application specifications are provided, along with pressure requirements, chemical resistance properties, and temperature tolerances (hot and cold). These factors help determine the proper construction materials and the best manufacturing process to provide the best possible gasket seal. Quality and service are our top priorities. Blaylock Gasket & Packing works closely with individuals in engineering, purchasing, planning, receiving, and delivery.

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