Style 2019 PTFE Filled Synthetic Yarn

As part of our commitment to quality, BG&P is proud to carry the best Style 2019 PTFE-filled Synthetic Yarn available from any purveyor of packing materials. An interlock-braided packing, Style 2019 services a wide range of applications, as it is applicable with alkalies, mild acids, oils, water, steam, solvents, and a variety of chemicals. The construction of carded synthetic yarns filled with PTFE suspensoid is what leads to the widely serviceable packing. Additionally, the packing is coated with PTFE and a lubricant is added to prevent shaft wear and glazing of equipment, insuring longevity and cost-efficiency for your machines

This style of PTFE-filled synthetic yarn is most often used with mixers, agitators, expansion joints, and pumps. The technicians at Blaylock have been outfitting small businesses and large corporations with Style 2019 for decades, and will know exactly how to take care of your project's requirements.

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