Custom Extrusions

Blaylock Gasket & Packing is proud to be your source for custom extrusions. From rubber and silicone to plastics, we can deliver high-quality custom plastic and vulcanized rubber extrusions, crafted to your custom specifications. 

After we receive your print, a custom mold is created to your exact specifications – the result being high quality caps, gaskets, grommets, clips, cable jacketing, O-ring cord, weather stripping, door seals, tubing and much more.

Vulcanization offers a cost-effective means of delivering a high-quality product, regardless of polymer or material.

We at Blaylock are proud to work with small businesses and large corporations alike, and extrusions have long been a specialty of ours. Contact us or request a quote today, and our service-oriented team will get right to work for you.

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