Valve Stem Compression Packing

BG&P has long specialized in Valve Stem compression packing, maintaining an evolving, world-class stock of compression packing materials for over three decades now. Our inventory is always adjusting to stay at the forefront of valve stem packing innovation. The packing solutions we carry for valve stems are recognized as the leading products in terms of quality and cost-efficiency. If this weren't the case, Blaylock wouldn't stock them.

Valve stem compression packing material is often needed for mixers, dryers, agitators, pumps, and other rotating equipment, to prevent leakage under high temperatures and pressures for fluids such as alkalis, water, acids, solvents, chlorine, fluorine, steam, heat transfer fluids, petroleum and oil, caustics, and gases as well. The engineers at Blaylock have outfitted countless valve stem packing projects over the decades, and our knowledge will help you get the perfect material for your specifications.

We have always maintained a staunch commitment to quality, service, experience, and stability at Blaylock, and we're sure that we can be your one-stop sealing source.

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