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High Temp Gasket Materials

If you have a project that requires materials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, it is practically guaranteed that BG&P has the high temp gasket & sealing material that will meet your needs. For over 30 years, we have been a leading supplier of high quality materials. And the intangibles that Blaylock offers are unique and valuable: stability, service, experience and knowledge.

The range of our inventory is unparalleled in the industry. We offer ropes, blankets and high-temperature rubber compositions.  In particular, Blaylock maintains a varied stock of the following high-temperature materials:

high temperature gasket materials

  • Flexible Graphite Sheet
  • Non Asbestos
  • Ceramic Fiber
  • High-Temp Fabrics
  • Viton
  • Silicone
  • PTFE
  • Insulation

Blaylock Gasket & Packing  has the top of the line resources -- as well as the quality service -- to be your one-stop source for materials applicable in high temperature environments. Equally, we have a knowledgable staff that is always prepared to answer any and all questions you may have. Contact us today or request a quote, and we will be glad to help you through your project.

High Temperature Gaskets Materials

  • Fiberglass
  • Maxsil® Silica
Door Seals
  • Maxsil® Silica Tadpole
  • Tape with Silica Fiber Core
  • Maxsil® Silica HT Flex™ 750i
  • MHT-2700™ Tadpole w/Fiberglass Core
  • Specialized Maxsil® Door Seals
  • Woven
Broiler Gaskets
  • Gasket Cloth (Tacky Cloth)
  • Manhole and Handhole Folded Gaskets
  • Folded Tackey Cloth Tape
  • Broiler Tadpole Tape
  • Custom Broiler Gaskets
Fiberglass Rope
  • Round & Square Rope
  • Sleeving
  • Sewing Thread
High Temperature Insulation
  • Maxsil® CF6-2000 Needled silica blanket
  • TREO™ 1800ºF/1000ºC Needled Blanket

Silica Products
  • Maxsil® Silica Fabrics
  • Maxsil® Silica Insulation Blanket
  • Maxsil® Silica Braided and Knitted Rope
  • Maxsil® Silica Tape
  • Maxsil® Silica Sleeving
Graphite Materials
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet
  • Stainless Steel Foil Reinforced
  • Stainless Steel Tang Reinforced
  • Flexible Graphite Tape

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