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Custom Fabricated Gaskets

From molded products and extrusions to machined parts and custom die cutting, Blaylock Gasket & Packing is your go-to custom gaskets manufacturer for the custom products you need to make your business operation run smoothly. No matter the utility and regardless of material, we can help you create a custom fabricated gaskets and other products, from print to production:

custom gasket fabrication

DIE CUTTING: In addition to high-quality gaskets and stripping, we can meet all your die cutting needs. We can die-cut your product out of rubber, DuPont Viton ®, cork, plastic, sponge, foam and a wide variety of other materials. We cut shims, washers, padding, filters, bumpers, lift pads, spacers and we’re famous for our Texas-shaped cork coasters.

FLASH CUTTING: In 2014, we were proud to bring a brand-new flash-cutting machine into our warehouse. This computerized knife machine and router opens up our capabilities even further, allowing us to serve you even better.

CUSTOM-CAST URETHANE: Offering durability, quality and affordability, Custom Cast Urethane is a great alternative to molded rubber. Our in-house system allows us to produce quality parts quickly, with tooling charges significantly lower than injection molded rubber. Custom Cast Urethane is an excellent solution to lower quantity part requirements.

EXTRUSIONS: Contact us for your custom extrusion needs. We can help you create your extrusion out of plastic, silicone, Neoprene, Buna-N, EPDM, DuPont Viton®, pure gum rubber and other materials. Vulcanizing your custom extrusion into an endless loop is also a service we can provide.

MOLDED PARTS: From custom seals and unique bumpers to car lift pads and any non-flat gaskets, BG&P can be your source for quality molded plastic, silicone, Neoprene, Buna-N, EPDM, DuPont Viton®, pure gum rubber and other materials. Consider us for compression molding, injection molding and thermal molding.

MATTING: Whether you need safety matting in your warehouse or anti-fatigue matting in your showroom or shop, we can be your source. We can provide matting in roll form or we can custom cut it to size for you. We can even provide doormats (carpeted and rubber), ideal for businesses, schools and any other place.

EXPANSION JOINTS, SLEEVES AND BOOTS: As your one-stop source for all sealing needs, BG&P can help you with more than just gaskets. We are an excellent source for custom metal and rubber expansion joints, sleeves and chutes (including FDA) and boots.

BEARINGS: New in 2014! Ask us how we can save you money on all your bearing needs. 

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