Die Cut Gaskets

Blaylock Gasket & Packing opened its doors in 1983 with a single hydraulic press, and while our company has grown extensively, we remain committed to our roots and precise die-cutting.

Blaylock uses high-grade, precision steel rule dies to cut parts of all sizes – from washers the size of a small coin to gaskets the length of an automobile. Die-cutting is an art, and we’ve been committed to it for decades. Our steel rule dies are crafted using a combination of AI technology and good old-fashioned know-how. We use the latest in press technology, combining oversized press heads with up to 40 tons of downward pressure to create parts with sharp, smooth edges.


Every steel rule die starts with a print – but that does not mean you must have a detailed CAD file to make a die. Blaylock has been reverse designing dies from plates, lids, cardboard templates, used parts, and more for nearly four decades. Once we have created a print for your part, a laser burns a board and razor-sharp steel rule is meticulously bent into place. The result of this special process – is precision parts crafted via a method that is both economical and efficient.


Die cutting is an extremely economical way to make parts. Many of our customers are shocked at how inexpensive a brand-new steel rule die can be. Dies are also exceptionally consistent, maintaining their cutting shape for years if not decades. We run jobs of any size and work with individuals, small businesses, and international conglomerates.


If you can name it, we’ve die-cut it: rubber, foam, plastic, thin metal, cork, fiber, insulation, leather, films, tapes, EMI/RFI, belting, matting, papers, fabric, adhesives, graphite, non-asbestos, cardboard and much more.


As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our Quality Control Manager has more than three decades of experience in the industry. Our dies are inspected during their creation, before we use them, during the cutting process, and after the job has been completed.

die cut gaskets  die cut gaskets





Economical: Often the lowest-cost way to produce gaskets. Dies are not costly and can last for decades.

Setup Charge: Blaylock’s dies are very inexpensive, but if you only need a small number, the setup may not be feasible. Check out our other means of cutting parts like CNC cut, Waterjet, molded, and others.

Efficient: Often the fastest means from order to delivery. We can often ship orders the same day they are ordered if a die has been built. Many of our dies cut dozens of parts at a time. We cut jobs with 5pcs and 50,000pcs – no matter the size of the job, die cutting is a speedy way to get parts in hand.

Part Imperfections: Some materials are subject to imperfections like “Hourglassing” and “Burring”. For the vast majority of jobs, these things are not an issue. See the pictures below for an example of these imperfections.

Consistent: Parts should come out the same each time they are produced. If you need parts that do not vary job-to-job, die-cutting may be a perfect method of production.

Part Changes: Changes to the design of your product may require a new die to be made. However, keep in mind that Blaylock’s dies are very inexpensive.


WHAT IS HOURGLASSING: On rare occasions, some thicker materials, especially foams, may concave slightly on the edges. Creating an hourglass shape. 99% of the time, this is not an issue, as compression to create the seal would cause this effect anyway hourglassing However, in situations where compression set or rebound are critical, you should discuss hourglassing with our team. There are ways to avoid it. This black sponge disc demonstrates slight hourglassing.

WHAT IS BURRING: Very infrequently, some extremely hard or dense materials, especially plastics, can have rough edges where flecks of material hold onto the gasket. Most of the time this is not an issue or can easily be resolved with simple sandpaper.  In reality, the vast majority of materials have clean smooth edges when die-cut. This green gasket demonstrates extreme burring. The majority of burring is not this severe.  


Die cutting is an excellent choice across a wide spectrum of materials. However, Blaylock offers a myriad of ways to create parts. Check out our pages on CNC cutting, Waterjet, Molded Rubber and Plastics, Extrusions, and more.

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