Custom Cast & Die Cut Lift Pads

Blaylock Gasket and Packing Company understands the demand for custom rubber lift pads, and to offer a variety suitable for different lifts, we custom fabricate our pads through both casting and die cutting. Car lifts need stability, and our rubber materials make the perfect surfaces to hold equipment in place. They are easy to install as well, slipping right over the lift arms.

custom cast lift pads

When we die cut, we undertake extensive processes to ensure the utmost quality. Our Quality Control department thoroughly inspects and measures every die that we work with. Every piece of material is check for hardness and thickness. All die cut rubber pads are produced by trained personnel who program your part requirement into computers and laser burn on high-quality die board. Additionally, steel rule is bent on computer benders and installed by our experts to guarantee proper construction. Why are we so meticulous with the die cutting process? It's simple. We want to produce die cut products that are precisely for your application and will last you a long time.

Our production process starts with your print. Once specifications are provided, our expert engineers can work with you to choose the right material. Then we produce a prototype, and can go straight into production with our state of the art casting equipment from there.

At Blaylock, we are proud to work with small businesses and large corporations alike on custom projects. Provide us with specifications for your car lift pads, and we will get to work on creating your prototype. Contact us today and request a quote and we will put our decades of experience and knowledge to work to help you get the right start on your project.

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