FDA Compliant Gasket Materials

Blaylock Gasket & Packing is proud to offer an extensive selection of gaskets, sheet materials, O-rings, packing, and other products manufactured with FDA compliant and food-grade gasket materials. Blaylock is proud to supply FDA sealing solutions for the food & beverage industry, pharmaceutical gaskets, bulk material handling, and conveyor gaskets, medical industries, and other areas.

You can find Blaylock’s FDA gaskets in laboratories, colleges & universities, hospitals, restaurants, breweries, grain mills, feed storage units, food packaging, cosmetics and anywhere else Food or medical grade gaskets may be required. Check out our handy resource on FDA GasketsOur FDA Gaskets are ideal for producing, manufacturing, packing, processing, preparing, treating, packaging, transporting, or holding food. We offer FDA boots, chutes, and tubing as well.

We can have your gaskets cleaned for Oxygen Service! 

FDA Gasket Standards

FDA Compliant Gasket Materials

From the laboratory to the kitchen, FDA gaskets need to be high-quality and adhere to some stringent specifications. The below represent just a few of the food, drug, and medical standards we can meet. Contact an associate if you don’t see the spec you need listed. We can find you a solution.

  • NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking Water System Components
  • FDA Approved Ingredients per 21 CFR 177.2600
  • FDA Silicone
  • Part 177.1500 regarding resins
  • Part 178.3570 regarding lubricants incidental food contact
  • USDA Standards
  • We can have your gaskets cleaned for oxygen use as well
  • Non-Marking, Non-Toxic, and Non-Allergenic

Why Choose Blaylock FDA Products:

  • We offer dozens of FDA Compliant products, including gaskets, o-rings, packing, seals, boots, chutes, pads, shims, washers, tubing, and more.
  • We can offer FDA compliant foam, rubber, PTFE, Gylon, Tealon, and other materials cut into gaskets, stripping, flanges, U-troughs, conveyor gaskets, and any shape or application you need
  • Our extensive inventory allows us to deliver what you need when you need it

Types of FDA Gasket Materials:

The below represents just a small portion of the FDA products Blaylock offers. Our team is ready to help you find the right material for your project.

White FDA Neoprene: Offers moderate resistance to oil, and represents an excellent, affordable all-purpose food-grade rubber. The medical industry frequently uses Neoprene for sleeves and braces, but you will find Neoprene used widely across the food industry as well.

White FDA Nitrile (Buna): A staple in the food industry. Buna’s resistance to oil isn’t just limited to the energy sector. Nitrile resists breaking down in oily and greasy food and medical applications, so you may find it in jar lids, on conveyors, in bulk handling chutes, in vats & storage tanks, food production equipment, and the medical industry.

White FDA EPDM: White EPDM offers the unique ability to handle your food-grade needs, and also the elements. EPDM’s natural properties resist breaking down in high UV, weather, or ozone environments. Used widely in food production on grain silos, elevators, and bulk handling. 

White FDA Silicone: They say “if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen” – which certainly isn’t the case for FDA Silicone.  Able to tackle temperatures north of 400F degrees consistently (and higher in some instances), FDA silicone makes an excellent food-grade oven and door seal. You’ll find Blaylock silicone in BBQ pits, vent hoods, and ovens across many industries.

White FDA Viton: Among the sealing industry's top performers, FDA Viton offers high heat resistance (North of 400F), unbeatable oil resistance and excellent chemical resistance. Viton is unique in that it is excellent in both food production and food processing. You might find this material in grease traps, drains, and other places in kitchens where both grease and chemicals may be present. If you need a tough gasket for an FDA situation – Viton may be the way to go.

Blue FDA Viton: Same as the white Viton but in a rich, unmistakable Blue color. Ensures no confusion when installing gaskets.

White FDA Sponge and Foam: Blaylock offers several White FDA acceptable foams and sponges, including an economical, yet high-quality cross-linked polyethylene foam. Available in varying densities and thicknesses.

PTFE: PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer most widely recognized for its high-temperature resistance, anti-stick capabilities, anti-abrasion properties, extremely low coefficient of friction. You may have an anti-stick PTFE coated skillet. PTFE makes an excellent Food Grade gasket material. In addition to gaskets and sheet material, Blaylock offers PTFE rods, plates, tubes, washers, and stripping.

Expanded PTFE: Blaylock offers a superior 100% pure, multi-directional expanded PTFE. This material is clean, non-toxic, minimally creeping, ultra-malleable gasket material. Considered among the premier gasket materials on the market. Adjusts to uneven or irregular surfaces, offering a high-grade chemical resistant, high-temp capable FDA material.

FDA Joint Sealing Tape: Our expanded PTFE is available in rolled tape form with a peel-and-stick backing. Think of this product as “Super Gasket” on a roll, able to tackle most media and temperatures.

Gylon® and Tealon®: Blaylock offers gaskets out of Tealon and Garlock Gylon. Including materials that are FDA and NSF 61 compliant. This family of materials tackles tough service applications. Our FDA and Non-FDA products include glass-filled, silica, graphite, and high temperature. See our PTFE page or contact an associate for more information.

Blaylock FDA Packing:  A pliable expanded PTFE packing with food-grade lubricant. Complies with FDA and USDA requirements. Reduces wear on shafts. 

FDA Boots, Chutes, Sleeves & Tubing: Blaylock offers FDA and USDA Compliant food separating parts, boots, bellows, sieves, shaker boots, connectors, and tubing in FDA compliant materials like Nitrile, EPDM, and Pure Gum Rubber.

NSF 61 EPDM: EPDM meets lofty standards for sure with potable water.

Technical Data:

The below spec sheets represent just a fraction of the materials we offer.

Contact us today and let our dedicated team help you select the ideal FDA material for your project.

Download White FDA Neoprene Spec Sheet
Download White FDA Nitrile (Buna) Spec Sheet
Download White FDA EPDM Spec Sheet
Download White FDA Silicone Spec Sheet 
Download White/Blue FDA Viton Spec Sheet
Download FDA XLPE Sponge Spec Sheet
Download PTFE Spec Sheet
Download Expanded PTFE Spec Sheet
Download Expanded PTFE Tape Spec Sheet
Download Tealon 1580 Spec Sheet
Download Tealon 1590 Spec Sheet
Download FDA Packing Spec Sheet
Download NSF 61 EPDM Spec Sheet

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