Viton Gaskets & Sheet Material

Blaylock Gasket & Packing is proud to be an industry leader in manufacturing Viton® rubber gaskets. Viton can be used for gaskets, extrusions, molded parts, and sheet rolls. Renowned across the gasket industry as a truly superior material, Viton® may be the perfect solution to your material requirements.

What is Viton? 

viton rubber gaskets and sheet materialViton® is a brand of synthetic rubber and specific fluoropolymer elastomer (FPM) that is suitable for harsh environments. Blaylock is your complete source for Viton gaskets and Viton sheet roll materials with a wide stock selection varying in thickness, hardness, color, and grade. We offer quantities from as small as 1 square foot.

What are the advantages of Viton®?

  • Extensive Inventory: We stock thousands of square feet of different Viton precuts in our insulated warehouse.
  • Affordability: Our vast inventory allows us to offer our customers extremely affordable prices on Viton products.
  • Genuine Product: We offer genuine Chemours Viton® compound. When you buy Blaylock Viton, you are purchasing authentic material, not a knockoff.
  • Low Minimums: Unlike many companies – we’re proud to partner with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We won’t make you buy more than you need to meet artificial minimums. If you need one square foot of Viton, we can make it happen.

Viton® Material Types:

  • Commercial Grade: A general-purpose, high-end genuine Viton material. Tackling high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and tough oil field environments.
  • Blue Viton: Viton but in a bright, beautiful blue color. Helps distinguish Viton from other black-in-color elastomers.
  • FKM: A generic fluoroelastomer sheet. Blaylock FKM comes with a fabric finish, ideal for a wide variety of sealing applications.
  • Viton Sponge: A closed-cell genuine Viton sponge with skin on both sides. It offers the chemical and temperature resistance you expect from Viton rubber but in sponge form.
  • Viton B (6070-B): Resists aggressive acids like hydrochloric, sulfuric, and nitric acid. It’s also a quality option in sulfuric dioxide applications.
  • Viton GF (TH 7070): Resistance against some of the most corrosive chemicals on the market as well as oxygenated fuels and engine lubricants.
  • Viton A (Mil-R; AMS 3216): Military specifications. Offers a wide range of resistance against oils, fuels, acids, and atmospheric oxidation.
  • White FDA Viton: This high-grade Viton meets FDA Title 21 of CFR177.2600.
  • Reinforced Viton: Commercial grade Viton™ “A” fluoroelastomer coated fiberglass made for long service life in critical applications when temperature and chemical resistance are required. We also offer Viton Nomex.
  • Uncured & Post-Cured Viton: Blaylock offers both uncured and post-cured Viton to fit your specific needs.

Viton® Rubber Applications:  

  • Oil & gas
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Processing
  • Industrial Markets

Viton®  Rubber Gaskets & Seal Types:

  • Viton Gaskets
  • Viton O-Rings (Round and Square Profile)
  • Viton Seals
  • Viton Sheet Material
  • Viton Extrusions
  • Molded Viton Parts

What are Viton® Capabilities & Highlights?

  • High-Temperature Usage: Up to 400°F/200°C
  • Low-Temperature Usage: As low as -17°F/-27°Cs
  • Excellent heat stability - Resistant to aggressive fuels and chemicals
  • Renowned in the Oil & Gas Sector

What are the industrial applications for high-temperature Viton material?

In tough oil and gas down-hole applications, the implementation of Viton® rubber can be crucial for extending maintenance intervals and helping protect against seal failure. Blaylock's team is highly knowledgeable in our Viton® inventory and its many uses.

Contact us today to request more information on specific Viton® gasket & sheet material needs, or if you need further technical data.

Viton® Technical Data:viton rubber gaskets & sheet material

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