2255 PTFE-Filled Synthetic Yarn

Blaylock Gasket and Packing Company is proud to supply our top quality Style 2255 PTFE-Filled Synthetic Yarn packing to customers in need. Style 2255 in an interlock braid of carded synthetic yarns filled with Graphite, and it is used in a range of applications across a number of industries, mostly with rotary and centrifugal pumps as well as some valves.

This graphite filled synthetic yarn supplied by Blaylock is checked by our quality control manager upon arrival at our facility, ensuring that it is the best Style 2255 packing available. It is known as a flexible and dense general service packing, adaptable to worn shafts older equipment. Most notably, it provides a great seal against brine, steam, oil, alkalis and mild acids.

Over three generations of business, Blaylock has prided itself on quality, service, and stability, and you will find these traits in abundance with our technicians. We have the know-how when it comes to applying Style 2255 packing to countless projects. Contact us today and we will happily answer any and all questions you may have as we work toward providing the best packing solution for you.

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