Style 2007 PTFE Graphite & Braided Packing

BG&P has long been a leader in the mechanical packing industry, and our inventory of high-quality Style 2007 PTFE graphite and braided packing holds up to our top standards. Style 2007 is known for possessing excellent heat dissipation properties. a low coefficient of friction, and great chemical resistance. It is chemically inert over the full pH range, with a few exceptions.

The 2007 style provided by Blaylock is one of the most commonly used packings on the market. This graphite and PTFE is best suited for applications that include high temperatures and high peripheral speeds--cases in which pure PTFE often fails.

The engineers at Blaylock are experts in outfitting customers with our PTFE packing, and they will know exactly what you need with style 2007. Each of our products is checked for quality upon arrival to our facility, so along with our top-notch service, we can insure that the packing we outfit you with is the best you can find. Get in touch with us today and we will happily answer any and all questions you may have.

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