Specification Grade Silicone

Specification Grade silicone sheeting is designed to be used in applications where higher physical properties and lower compression set are required. The material is available in continuous rolls or sheets. It is resistant to extremely high and low temperatures and is proven to be an excellent gasketing material. Available in many colors. Sheet thickness ranges from .010" up to 1" thick. Available width up to 75" wide.

What are the typical properties of Specification Grade Silicone Sheeting?

The given values are typical properties and are provided for information only. They should not be used to set specification requirements. Call us to help determine if this material is suitable for your application.

Material Silicone
Commercial Grade
Color Red
Durometer, Shore "A" 60
Thickness 0.125 in
Width 36 in
Specific Gravity 1.45 g/cc
Tensile Strength 600 psi
Elongation 300%
Tear, PPI DIE "B" 80
Temperature Range -80 to 450 ºF (500 Intermittent)

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