Custom Cast Urethane Parts

BG&P has long specialized in custom cast urethane parts, and we're happy to custom fabricate our stable, efficient services and quality products for small businesses and large corporations alike. Polyurethane is a highly resilient and flexible material that is also resistant to harsh temperatures. Its microcellular structure makes for long-lasting and high-functioning foam seals and gaskets.

Our production process starts with your print. Once specifications are provided, our expert engineers will work with you to choose the right urethane polymer, which--if need be--we can create in-house. Then we produce a prototype, and can go straight into production with our state of the art casting equipment. Meeting the requirements of your project will not be an issue with Blaylock. We have over thirty years of experience working with countless sets of specifications. The knowledge of our staff combined with the quality of our materials and equipment is unparalleled.

When your project calls for a custom cast urethane part, Blaylock can be your one-stop source to fill all your needs. Our inventory and manufacturing capabilities are the best in the business, and the people who make up our company are knowledgeable and experienced with the applications of polyurethane. There is a reason Blaylock has been in business for thirty years and three generations. Contact us today and we will gladly show you why that is, and help you from print through production on the perfect custom urethane gaskets and seals for your project.

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