Composite & Solid Metal Gaskets

Blaylock Gasket & Packing, inc. - Composite and solid metal gaskets are perfect for certain applications. It all depends on what your specifications are and what type of material you need to seal. In general, there are three common types of composite and solid metal gaskets:

905 MetalBest 905-C

(Corrugated Metal and Graphite Faced) This corrugated gasket is a 900 style gasket that has a metal core. It also has facings that are coated with flexible graphite. The best thing about this type of gasket is the fact that it takes the best properties of flexible graphite gaskets and combines them with the consistent resistance to extrusion that you expect with a solid metal core. This gasket is created to keep a positive seal all throughout conditions with high shock load and thermal cycling. The gaskets in this category have already gone through a fire test, which tells you how well they can resist fire. Within the MetalBest series, you'll find B16.5 flanges and gaskets used for heat exchangers.

Camprofile 942, 946

The gaskets in this category take the resistance to pressure that you find with metal gaskets and combines that with flexible graphite's excellent sealability. Sometimes PTFE is used in place of flexible graphite. These gaskets contain a metal core that is serrated and coated with layers of either expanded PTFE or flexible graphite. The coating is typically .02 inch thick. The good thing about the metal core in these gaskets is the fact that they require lower torque but still provide a high seating stress. The coating made from PTFE or flexible graphite is designed to fill up any irregularities in the flange and keep the gasket's serrated finish from causing damage to the flange. Some varieties of this type of gasket have an outer ring, which helps to center it on assemblies that are raised and fixed in one place. Camprofile gaskets can typically stand up to temperatures of 840 degrees Fahrenheit and 5,000 PSIs in pressure.

Solid Metal Gaskets 900, 940

The 900 style of gasket is corrugated metal, while the 940 style is a flat metallic gasket. Style 900 is used in applications that have low pressure, but space and weight limitations are in play. Relatively little force is required to seat this particular type of gasket. The highest service pressure that can be used with style 900 is 500 PSIs. Style 940 has a sealing surface that is smooth and can be formed in almost any shape you need. Common applications for this type of gasket include heat exchangers, valves, groove and tongue flanges, and hydraulic presses. Style 940 has high resistance to chemical and mechanical attacks, and they can be used in applications with high temperatures and pressures.

As a Camprofile & Metalbest gasket supplier, please consult with our experts to determine what kind of composite or solid metal gasket you need. Each one has its own properties, and it's important to understand these properties before making a selection.

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