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Composition Cork Sheets & Rolls

Renowned for its impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity and utility, Blaylock Gasket & Packing’s composition cork material is suitable for a wide variety of applications – from automotive and transportation to the oil & gas industry and food industries.

Composition cork makes great coasters, bulletin boards, tack boards and gaskets. Composition cork comes in a variety of grades to meet your specific gasketing requirements. Harvested from the bark of a species of oak tree found primarily in Spain and Portugal, cork exhibits an extraordinary recoverability and a high degree of impermeability under low bolting pressures. From fine grain to medium grain cork sheets and rolls are available from 1/32” to ½” thick. Please contact us to find the perfect cork for your application.

Gasket Grade Cork





A very economic all-purpose, 10/20 grind composition cork. Available in rolls (DR-101) as well as in sheets (N-101).

Highly compressible for low pressure gasket and seal applications. Recommended for lining and facing material, sporting goods, bulletin boards, and die cut parts.


A medium density, fine grain, 10/20 grind resin bonded cork with medium compression characteristics.

Perfect for gaskets with low to medium torque loads for automotive fluid seals, gear boxes, oil seals, and valve covers. Available in rolls (DR-104) as well as in sheets (N-104).


A medium density, polymeric bonded fine grain, 10/20 grind composition cork.

Unique high performance composition for light duty, low load seals where unusual conformity to flanges is required. Available in 28” x 50” sheets.


A medium grain, 10/20 grind material where high density and tensile are required. Available in 28” x 50” sheets.

Excellent cushioning material as well as bonded facing material in glass and metal cushioning. Exceptional gasket material where thin sections are required.

High Grade Composition Cork





Grain Size: Medium

1462 is a high grade composition cork for general use: bulletin boards and backing.

Binder: Polymeric

Density (AV): 12 PCF

Tensile: 60 Min. PSI

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